venerdì 9 aprile 2010

Eye of Judgment Legends - third expansion pack

Like last time, the japanese playstation magazine has published the 5 cards for next expansion.
The release date is scheduled for April 23 (same price of other pack)

noble/black forest
HP 4 AP 4 SC 5 AC 3 BS at back only UR summoning lock
maggic attack(like Flame Magus (1))
(awe)while chief ianna reed is on a wood field,all enemy creatures on wood fields substract 1 from their attack
(grace)if other allied black forest creature on the board could gain bonus attack or abilities when they have exactly one HP,they now always get the bonus HP or abilities
(morph)while chief ianna reed has 2 HP or less ,she adds 2 to her attack and gains a perfect dodge

human/church of parmus
HP 4 AP 1 SC 4 AC 2 BS at back
(magic attack)C of Urmspa magic attack targets enemy creatures within the 2 fields in front of her
(interference)when your opponet cast a spell while an allied creature is adjacent to child of urmspa, you may discard one spell card from your hand to cancel the action.your opponents casting cost is not returned

SC 0 ( only 1 per deck)
choose an allied creature on the board.while the creature is on the board,you gain 1 mana each time you summon an allied creature of the same race

sacred/way of yorga
HP4 AP 1 SC 3 AC 2 BS like VS
no element,does not belong to any element
magic attack
(judgement)if one or more enemy creatures is summoned on your opponent's turn while chilf of yorga is on a biolith field,in their resolution phase the top cards from each player's library are compared in a judgement.if you win,chose a non biolith creature from your graveyard that is not called chilf of yorga and is not UR,and shuffle it into your library
(library destruction)if he is destroyed on a non biolith field,your opponent must place the top card of their library into their graveyard

hp 3 AP 1 SC 2 AC 2 magic attack like Flame Magus (1) and BS only at back
magic attack
(reconnoitre)why lotus queen is on a non water field all other allied plant creatures gain dodge attempt.
(graveyard return)if lotus queen is destroyed on a water field take any 1 non ultra rare plan creature from your graveyard that is not called lotus queen.and shuffle it into your library

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