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Eye of Judgment Legends - promo code cards

Flame Magician Galian


Race – Warlord

Affiliation – Cult of Mourning

- While Galian is on non-fire field, subtract 1 from attack of enemies within two fields in front of Galian.

- If an allied creature with same affiliation as Galian would add to it’s attack half the time, it now always adds to it’s Attack.

- All allied creature with same affiliation as Galian gains return.

- Fire Invocation (non-UltraRare cards only)

(A) N1&N2 (C) N (B) S

Nagirashu Isshin

Race – Hero

Affiliation – Nagirashu


- Add 1 to its attack when included target creature is on Wood field.

- Any Water fields within the 2 fields in front of Nagirashu Isshin is also treated as a Wood field.

- Each time an enemy Earth creature is destroyed, you may choose one non-Ultrarare Wood creature from your graveyard and return it to your hand.

(A) N1&N2 (C) N (B) S

Biolith Oracle


Race – Beast

Affiliation – Biolith Castle


- Adjacent enemy creatures cannot be targeted by spell.

- Two front fields that the allied creatures are on cannot be fieldquaked.

- Enemy within two fields in front cannot dodge.

(A) N1/N2/E1/E2/W1/W2 (C) N1/N2/E1/E2/W1/W2 (B) S

Sacred Law of Tinoa


Type: Sorcery

Cost: 0

Rarity: Uncommon

Select an allied creature. While the selected allied creature is on board, during your opponent’s resolution phase you may select and reveal a creature with the same element from your library and add the card to your hand. Using this spell ends your turn.

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