giovedì 12 agosto 2010

SEGA: Free Stuff Friday – August 13, 2010

Eccoci al solito appuntamento settimanale, di seguito video e premi:

1. Sonic Super Poser Figurine
A special all-blue translucent figurine that is a variant of the original. It’s a pretty exclusive item!

2. Sonic Playing Cards & Exclusive SOS Metal Sonic Figurine
Play some cards Sonic style with these brand-new playing cards. You also get a Summer of Sonic exclusive Metal Sonic toy.

3. Silver the Hedgehog Plush
For all the people that requested Silver… here he is!

4. Sonic Hat & Shirt Combo

A cool Sonic hat along with a size medium Sonic t-shirt

5. Sonic T-Shirt
No hat with this one, but it’s still a pretty cool shirt. Size large.

6. Sonic Backpack
A mini-backpack, best for young kids or slim graphic designers like Annie!

7. Sonic Towel

Take Sonic to the beach!

8. Shadow the Hedgehog Game Cube (Warning: it’s cursed!)

This Game Cube looks cool, but be warned that it’s cursed! Bad things have been known to happen to people who touch it. For example, just a few minutes after touching it this week, I spilled my coffee all over my desk! We’ve had all the curses we can handle, so for a special Friday the 13th prize, we’re passing this on to anyone who is brave enough to want it. Please note that it might not work, because I spilled my coffee all over it. Also, it smells like coffee. Think of it as a reminder of the evil!

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