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Eye of Judgment - ora tocca ad Upper Deck

Questa è la press release che ha postato il proprietario di

Press Release, Turnhout, September 15th 2008.Cartamundi and Upper Deck join forces in the distribution of the cards for THE EYE OFJUDGMENT™.“The synergies of Cartamundi’s manufacturing expertise and Upper Deck’s marketing knowledge create excitement among gamers worldwide!”Cartamundi and Upper Deck announced to join forces in distribution of the cards for THE EYE OF JUDGMENT™ from Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) on September 15th 2008. Cartamundi has acquired the license from SCEI to manufacture and market the cards for THE EYE OF JUDGMENT™ .The cards for THE EYE OF JUDGMENT™ can be played as a traditional Trading Card Game, but they come to life when played together with PLAYSTATION® 3 (PS3™). Every card is printed with a special CyberCode™. This allows for great 3-D animations, special effects and on-line gameplay. The manufacturing of these cards requires a highly sophisticated production process, which is in place at Cartamundi. Upper Deck has excellent market knowledge and is renowned for their creativity, quality and innovation in trading card gamesCartamundi and Upper Deck will be working together to distribute the card for THE EYE OF JUDGMENT™ worldwide Both Cartamundi and Upper Deck are constantly investing in new technologies and business opportunities.

CARTAMUNDI is the world leader in playing card manufacturing, with over 200 years of experience. Cartamundi is a privately held company, with its headquarters in Turnhout, Belgium.With factories in Belgium, Germany, the UK, Poland, USA, Brazil and Mexico and fully owned sales offices in the Netherlands, France, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary, Austria, Chile and Singapore, the group realized a turn-over of 142 MLN EURO in 2007.The group employs over 1,000 people.The products of Cartamundi range from traditional and advertising Playing Cards, Casino Playing Cards to licensed card games for its own retail collection such as Disney, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, StarWars and Copag Poker cards.Another important product range are the Collectable Trading Card Games such as World of Warcraft, Bella Sara, Magic the Gathering and Pokémon. Also most of the playing cards for the Monopoly, Cluedo, Uno and many other games are manufactured by Cartamundi.Chris Van Doorslaer, CEO of the Cartamundi Group: “Our name reflects both a mission and an ambition: to be the world leader in the niche market of Playing Cards. The co-operation with Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. fits perfectly in our strategy to build a strong global network in sales and promotion”

UPPER DECK is a premier sports and entertainment publishing company and the industry leader in trading card games, delivering a portfolio of relevant, innovative and multi- dimensional product experiences to collectors, and sports and entertainment enthusiasts..Ground breaking success has already been realized with products like the Yu-Gi-Oh! and World of Warcraft Trading Card Games.Upper Deck’s award-winning games have earned a reputation as the most enjoyable, challenging, and entertaining on the market. With the support of a worldwide Organized Play system, Upper Deck games offer far more than what comes in the box. You can find an opponent and participate on any level of competition, including the local, casual Hobby League, the exciting debut of new sets at Sneak Previews to the international fame and fortune of National, European and World Championships.

About THE EYE OF JUDGMENT™THE EYE OF JUDGMENT™ is created and developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.The game was first released in October 2007, and was received very well all over the world.The next expansion is called BIOLITH REBELLION SET.3, and will be released worldwide in October 2008.PLAYSTATION is a registered trademark and PS3 is a trademark of Sony ComputerEntertainment Inc.All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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